The wheels may fit other applications that we haven’t yet tested.

All prices exclude VAT and delivery.

Set of 4 two ear dummy spinners £295.00

Part number system: Example WMB601 = AC Greyhound bolt on 6” ‘M’ type wheel.

                    Wheel                               Car Type (Ref number)

                                                            Width (5”/6”/7” or 7”/7.5”/8” on ‘E’ type only)

                                                             Fixing (Bolt on, Splined, Peg drive)

                                                             Type (‘M’/’D’/’E’)


Prices: WMB??? = £334.00      WDB??? = £334.00       WEB?09 = £425.00  

           WMS??? = £395.00       WDS??? = £395.00       WES?09 = £475.00

          WMP??? = £359.00       WDP7?? = £365.00       WEP?09 = £455.00

          The ‘D’ style wheel is also available as a 16” for an extra £100.00 per wheel. Add -16 to the part            number (eg WDS609-16)

01:AC Greyhound

02:AC Cobra


04:Aston Martin DB5 & DB6 MKI

05:Aston Martin DB6 MKII 7 DBS

06:Austin Healey MKI,II & III

07:Daimler V8 (Max tyre size 185x15)

08:Daimlar SP250

09:Jaguar MKI & II, 2.4, 3.4, 3.8 (Max tyre size 185x15)

09:Jaguar E-Type

10:Jaguar XK120, 140 & 150


12:Morgan 4/4 & +4

13:Morgan +8 up to 1994

14:Triumph TR2 to TR6



MGA owners please note. We sometimes find the MGA bolt on hubs have been replaced by MGB hubs. The stud sizes are different and we would ask that you check this and confirm the stud size with the order.